At The Gathering Place

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An Artist’s Way Creativity Afternoon

Facilitated by James Navé • Movement exercises with Opal Keen

Unblock Your Creativity

Saturday • August 17, 2019 • 1-5 pm • $35 • Limit 12

Location-1337 Gusdorf Road • Suite K • Taos, NM

Register Today - $35

No matter whether you're new to The Artist's Way, or you've known it for years, this creative afternoon will be an opportunity for you to dig deeper into how The Artist’s Way can work for you.

1) You'll learn how to break through your artistic blocks, which will help you begin and finish the projects you've always wanted to create.

2) You'll explore how to work with The Artist's Way so you'll have the principles in hand whenever you need them, and you can share them with others.

3) You’ll outline creative strategies you can use right away.

4) You'll also meet like-minded people you can work with later.

Register Today - $35

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Twice 5 Miles Radio-Podcast with Julia Cameron / WPVMFM Asheville

Recently, Julia Cameron and I sat down for a radio interview at her home in Santa Fe. We talked about The Artist’s Way Creativity Camp we started in Taos, poetry, horses, creativity, music, movies, New York, theater, and the sweeping power of high desert of Northern New Mexico. Julia covers many of The Artist’s Way basics in this interview.


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