The Artist's Way Six-week Creativity Workshop Asheville

January 29 - March 5, 2019 - Facilitated by James Navé

Tuesdays - 7-9 PM - Click for direction: 261 Asheland Avenue

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No matter whether you're new to The Artist's Way or you've been working with The Artist's Way for awhile, this six-week workshop will help you set your creative goals for 2019.

  • Make connections and lifelong friends

  • Recover your creative self

  • Infuse your life with creative energy

  • Embrace your greater creativity

  • Move toward your creative dreams

  • Reward yourself with artistic purpose

  • Break through your creative bloc

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Payment plans available. If you have questions or would like to talk to me directly, please text me at (919) 949-2113 and I’ll answer right back.

Julia Cameron, author of The Artist's Way says:

"James Navé and I have worked together for over 20 years. He is a passionate teacher and a compassionate companion to those he meets. His work as an Artist’s Way facilitator, writer, storyteller, and teacher is an important force for change."  

Listen to this Twice 5 Miles Radio conversation Julia Cameron and I had one afternoon at her home in Santa Fe.


Thanks for being a part of The Artist's Way community.

Register today for 285

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The Yellow Truck

When Julia and I were hosting the Artist's Way Creativity Camps at the San Geronimo Lodge in Taos, New Mexico, participants painted images on silk then gave them to fabric artist Jo Dean Tipton. Two days later, Jo Dean returned with her yellow pickup truck full of silk creativity pillows. I often wonder how many creativity pillows are still resting on soft couches beside picture windows.