James Navé’s poetry bathes you in light, luminous, tender, and fierce. He is a passionate traveler and a compassionate companion to those he meets. His work as a writer, storyteller, teacher, and exemplar is an important force for change.
— Julia Cameron author of The Artist's Way
Navé listens deeply and he asks questions that can lead you gently into uncharted and essential territories.  He is kind, warm, and intelligent. He will steer you to clearer waters and wider plains. 
— Hala Liza, Poet, Singer-Songwriter, Rumi Translator
Navé is encouraging in that most helpful sense: he shows you how to find your courage.  He’ll remind you that writing is primal fun, going back to that feeling of playing with blocks on the kindergarten floor. Navé is now helping me adopt my poetry for the stage.
— Greg Palast, Best-Selling Author, Investigative Reporter
Navé gave me the keys to unlock the doors I didn’t dare open, and with his guiding light, I found my way through the darkness. Anyone who gets an opportunity to work with him should seize it. You will be amazed where the journey with Navé will take you.
— Petra Khashoggi, Novelist
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