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The following Twice 5 Miles podcasts were first broadcast from WPVMFM Asheville 103.7 atop the Public Service Building on Wall Street.

The Artist's Way with Julia Cameron

We're Small Enough to Make a Difference with Mosier, Oregon Mayor Arlene Burns

The Stuff Nobody Teaches You with editor, author, publisher Allegra Huston

My Mother Gave Me Mesopotamia with NPR correspondent and writer Jacki Lyden

The Real Problem for Artists: James Navé and Paul Pascarella Discuss

LEAF Leadership with Jennifer Pickering

Lower East Side Zeitgeists with Lynne Robinson

Deadlines, Plants, and Witch Camp with author Maia Toll

Small Footprints in a Big World with Benjamin Porter

Writing from the Top of Your Head with writing coach Nina Hart

Simplicity in a Complex World with with author and screenwriter Tony Huston

Near Asheville where the River Bends with Susan Walters Minker

Engage Your Love with Orna and Matthew Walters

A Small Town Theme with activist and singer Rita O'Connell

I Remember Russia with Grace Zelmanova

There Once Was a Bar in Spain with writer Magdalene Smith

The Curriculum of Your Soul with author Rick Haltermann

A Mission to Heal with Pat Wetzel

I Threw Peaches at the Lad with James Navé and guest host Tara Lupo

Memories of Coming Home with Rose Reza

I Threw Peaches at the Lad with guest host Tara Lupo interviewing James Navé

Happiness Abounds with Dr. Melanie Harth

The Power of Quiet Healing with Angelika Koch

Radical is the New Sensible with Rivera Sun

Around the World in 80 Years with Jim O'Donnell

More Thoughts on Bullets in Wool Nests with Christy Ferrato

Mind the Gap with Geroge Glackin

Where I'm From with Minton Sparks

Becoming a Song with David Wilcox

The Poetics of Noticing Things with Nickloe Brown

Around the Mountain and Home Again with David Holt

Movies and Meaning with Gareth Higgins

High Water in Paris with Bob Mohl

Manila - What I See with Paco Guerrero

On Mercy with Bobbie Sue Nave

Reflections on School Shootings with Christy Ferrato

Say Hello to Courage with psychologist Helen Kramer

Conflict Is Sacred with philosopher Maurice Brasher

Falling Out of a Hammock and Other Stories with Jennifer de Gandt

The Harmony of Place with Jonathan Frappier

A Pilgrimage of Art with sculptor and painter Mary Frank