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 All the Twice 5 Miles Radio (T5M) podcasts you'll find below were first broadcast on WPVMFM 103.7 on air from downtown Asheville.  In the following shows join me and let's explore culture, poetry, spirituality, art, education, business, politics, and literature. It's my great pleasure to share this work with you. Enjoy. 


An Abundance of Creativity with poet and author Julia Cameron

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Julia Cameron, author of The Artist's Way and I have known each other for over twenty years. During this hour, we explore poetry, horses, creativity, music, movies, New York, theater, power of desert of Northern New Mexico, and what's going to happen next in our lives. I hope you enjoy this conversation between two old friends. (Click & Listen)




Poetry Brings Us Together with poet Laura Hope-Gill

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"Your poems are important, revise them, submit them," says poet, teacher, and creative advocate Laura Hope-Gill. In this informative conversation, you'll learn things about Asheville like how poets helped build the Asheville art dreams of the early 90's into the thriving scene it is today. Laura is a poetic activist and one of Asheville's top creative leaders. Her influence will be enjoyed for years to come. Listen, learn, enjoy. (Click & Enjoy) 




  Carolina Blues with storyteller Logie Meachum

Logie is a gifted artist who holds the audience in his hands for as long as he likes. It's his magic, his passion, his calling. I recorded this interview in the fall of 2106 before Donald Trump was elected. When I asked Logie to give me his take on Trump, he offered critical insight I'd not heard before, nor since. This interview is full of "Logie Meecham Insights" political and otherwise.  (Click & Listen)



 The Poetics of Home with poet Mary Ellen Lough

When I was living in a little gypsy trailer near the Irish Sea, I’d write poetry at night by a small candle stuck in a whiskey bottle.” So began poet Mary Ellen Lough’s beautiful tale of traveling the world, becoming a mother, growing as a poet, and finding her home west of Asheville in the Carolina Mountains. In this Twice 5 Miles conversation, Mary Ellen reflects on living her big dreams in this ever-expanding world. She has a voice worth hearing, a message worth understanding, and embracing. (Click & Listen) 


My Native Ireland with Annmarie McConnell

"Magical veils unfold in Ireland," says Annmarie, a Dublin native who has an abiding appreciation for all things Irish. Even though Annmarie has adopted Hendersonville as her home, her lovely voice is never too far from the stories of the place she calls, "My Native Ireland." In this pleasant conversation, Annmarie will take you into her stories of Fairy Glens, growing up in Dublin, and what it's like to be an expatriate in Carolina, plus other stories. (Click & Listen)



Why Art Is Important with arts director Gale Jackson

Why is art important?  Gale Jackson, Director of the Black Mountain Center for the Arts,  addresses this question and more in this insightful conversation.  Gale's business is making art happen on all levels in Black Mountain, North Carolina.  She even has a former old jail in the basement currently being used as an art studio where the paint brushes have long since replaced the bars. It's all about freedom at The Black Mountain Center for the Arts.  (Click & Listen


Your Stories, Your World with storyteller Kiran Singh Sirah


Kiran Singh Sirah is the director of the International Storytelling Center in Jonesborough Tennessee. I met Kiran at the LEAF Festival in Black Mountain, North Carolina. He'd just recently taken over his directorship. We spoke at length about the state of storytelling in the world. I can tell you now, Kiran is an optimistic man, especially when it comes to storytelling. In this conversation  Kiran and I roam the globe with stories.  It was a pleasure to spend time with Kiran. Enjoy. (Click & Listen)


On Being an Accidental American with strategic planner Tish Vallés

In this conversation, Tish talks about her childhood under the Marcos Martial law dictatorship in the Philippines and her participation as a revolutionary from the age of 12. She makes subtle connections between poetry and strategy; touching on how knowing more than one language by heart has benefited her thought patterns and honed her ability to structure meaning into language. We talk about the freedom form and structure provide to thinking and craft. She reads her poems, discusses the advantages of speaking four languages and talks about strategy. (Click & Listen) 



Rumi Comes Alive with poet and Persian translator Haleh Liza

Haleh Liza is a poet and musician born in NYC of Iranian descent. She has toured through the US and Europe playing venues such as Carnegie Hall, the Bonnaroo Festival, and the Mimi Fest in Marseilles. Her poems have been published by Columbia University Press and Rattapallax Press and she has recited her poems at the MET, the Fetzer Institute's Gathering for Love and Forgiveness in Assisi, Italy,  She has given talks on Rumi's poetry at various venues including Dartmouth University, University of Cincinnati, and the Wanderlust Festival. (Click & Listen)


Jazz Singing in Paris with vocalist Marvin Parks

Marvin Parks.jpg

American Jazz singer Marvin Parks earns his living singing in Paris. Twice 5 Miles Radio welcomes Marvin to the microphone. One afternoon, about three years ago, Marvin decided to sing in the Paris Metro. He put his hat on the platform and started singing "Smile though your heart is breaking." Right away, people dropped euros into his hat. Can you make it as an artist? Marvin Parks says, "yes you can." Enjoy and thank you for listening. (Click & Listen)