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Over the past twenty-five years, I've traveled the globe in the service of poetry,  art, creativity, and storytelling. On this site you'll find samples of my work like Sounds of day and sounds of night mix with the living but not with the dead, gone now to places I do not understand. Clouds drift below the skin of sky above which black appears without interruption.  

James Navé a passionate traveler and a compassionate companion to those he meets. His work as a writer, storyteller, teacher, and exemplar is an important force for change.
— Julia Cameron author of The Artist's Way

You'll also find other writings and poems, links to my Twice 5 Miles Radio shows, plus ways we can work together. 

If you have a creative project you'd like to start and finish, let's talk navigation and strategy.  Click the button below to schedule a free creativity session ↓

Before I could become a best-selling author, I had to become an author. And there is no better coach/advisor/shaman for ‘becoming’ than Navé.
— Greg Palast, Investigative Journalist

If you like our vibe, then you can schedule more sessions in which we will explore how you can exhume your buried dreams, trust your creative instincts, and design life on your own terms.  Ideally, we'll work together for 12-weeks. You'll use The Artist's Way as your textbook guide. We'll navigate our sessions with a method called Imaginativative Storm Navé-Gation which has four parts

NARRATIVE: Tell your better story.

AUTHROITY: Take full ownership of everything you know and have mastered.   

VOICE: Harness your most honest voice. 

ÉXPANSION: Spread your content throughout the world. 

Watch this video to learn how Imaginative Storm Navé-Gation works. 



• MFA in Poetry from Vermont College

• The Taos Poetry Festival Director

• The Taos Storytelling Festival Director

• The LEAF Festival Poetry Slam-Master

• Founder of Poetry Alive! Theater Company

• Host of Twice 5 Miles Radio - WPVMFM

• The Artist's Way Creativity Camp Director, over ten years of  partnership with Julia Cameron

• Founding member of TEDxNewYork Salon

• Memorized more than 600 poems

• Performed over a two thousand shows 

• Workshop director for clients including: Timex; Duke University; National Council of Teachers of English; PepsiCo; the National University of Ireland, Galway; Ogilvy; Outward Bound, Gettliffe Architecture, Boulder; International Schools of Africa; and LKB Executive Coaching Associates, Paris. 

Navé a superb poet and a unique individual full of soul and wisdom: that rare kind you don’t come across very often and when you do, you want to hang around and listen. He gave me the keys to unlock the doors I didn’t dare open. I have a lot to thank him for and anyone who gets an opportunity to work with him should seize it.
— Petra Khashoggi, Novelist

ENJOY this video titled NOVEMBER IN PARIS

I shot this along the Seine around 8 AM at the beginning of a workday.