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Let’s Work together.

Your writing deserves powerful public powerful readings.

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When we work together, you’ll learn how to connect with your audience—and convert your listeners into fans.

You’ll focus on how to play to your strengths, choose your most compelling material, and deliver your reading, talk, spoken-word performance, or speech confidently on any stage, large or small.

Being yourself onstage is the best choice you can make. If you’re shy, be shy. If you’re outgoing, be outgoing. If you’re happy, be happy. Let’s collaborate.

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Your first coaching hour is free.
During our time together, we’ll talk about how you can:

Increase your confidence, onstage and off.

Turn your jitters into performance energy

Talk to your audience like a storyteller.

Develop effective rehearsal techniques.

Acquire public stage you can use forever.

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Sessions available on Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom, and in person.

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“When I published my book, I did one library reading and it was a disaster. So I said no to other offers—because I’m a journalist/ introvert/ hate attention. But tonight I did a reading I couldn’t wiggle out of. Before I did my reading, I read your book in advance and did as you told me. It really helped. Brass tacks baby! I needed them.”
— Marilyn Berlin Snell, author of Unlikely Ally: How the Military Fights climate Change and Protects the Environment

Here’s a sample of a reading/performance of Ulysses by Tennyson.


My Background

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• MFA in Poetry from Vermont College

• Director of The Taos Poetry Festival

• WPVMFM Board of Directors, VP

• The LEAF Festival Poetry SlamMaster

• Founded Poetry Alive! which is a theater company dedicated to making poetry come alive for kindergarten-university students.

• Host of Twice 5 Miles Radio - WPVMFM

• The Artist's Way Creativity Camp Director, over ten years of partnership with Julia Cameron.

• Marketing Director, Twice 5 Miles Publishing

• Memorized more than 600 poems

• Performed thousands of spoken word shows around the world

• Hosted workshops for clients including: Timex; Duke University; National Council of Teachers of English; PepsiCo; the National University of Ireland, Galway; Ogilvy; Outward Bound, Gettliffe Architecture, Boulder; International Schools of Africa; and LKB Executive Coaching Associates, Paris.


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LOOKING AT LIGHT: 100 Poems in 100 Days